Time for some R&R. 

This is a vacation too, isn’t it? We felt stretched pretty thin after all of our travels the past few days and now two weeks past since being at home and in a normal rhythm of things. So we slept in and took things slowly. 

We went back to Marcel for a late breakfast before seeing some more Montmarte sights; the incredibly cool, very urban, cemetery and a brief walk past the Moulin Rouge and all the sex shops the Pigalle area brings. 

We swung back up numerous Montmarte side streets to poke in small shops, picking up souvenirs and practicing French along the way. 

After dropping bags off at home, we set out for another important item: beer. There is plenty of 1664, Leffe and Carlsburg around, but we were craving something different, something, admittedly, more American. In this case, we settled with German, and went to a beergarden that we read about. It was empty when we arrived, but still quickly had great German beer brought to us. A pale ale. Hops. Glorious! 

Filled up on beer, we headed home to finish snacking on some food at our Airbnb, and plan out the final days of our trip, which included the great museum plunge. 

For dinner, we had a wonderful surprise. Our mutual friends from Apple were also in Paris during some over lapping time, and we were able to meet them for a dinner. The locale was Esens’all, specializing in gastronomy and French cuisine. A six course meal accompanied lovely conversation about all things travel we had all seen over the previous weeks. It was great to catch up, and the hours flew by. Eventually we had to part ways, but with wide smiles and full bellies.