Start your museum engines! 

We picked up a six day museum pass to bring us through our day of departure (sad!). The previous evening was spent calculating, probably too much, what days to see what in an effort to miss crowds. 

Which meant we were headed to Musee D’Orsay. Putting a museum in a train station was of course going to be attractive to me, but beyond that was an excitement to finally see the real works that I had only ever read and seen pictures of, all too often reproduced onto coffee mugs and key chains. 

But these were real. Manet. Monet. Cézanne. Sisley. What made the trip so great was not just these names, but all those that I didn’t recognize, or pulled at some long ago forgotten piece of art history. It’s wonderfully curated (duh) and pulls together great themes from room to room. Not a bad start for the museum offerings. 

Starving, we stopped at one of the first places that served food that we could afford and knew we would like. Which ended up being a burger joint. A comics themed burger joint. Which meant it was stacked high with French comics to go through while waiting for your food. Quirky and odd, it was perfect before trekking it across the city to fit in a second museum in one day. 

We plotted a careful route to go past a few attractions along the way, including Pompidou center and Saint Jacques tower, before reaching the Musee de arts and metiers. Which is basically a scientific artifacts museum. 

Almost two hundred years ago, Paris saw the need to preserve the tools that were leading to incredible advancements in everything from mechanisms to communication. So they started collecting and preserving these objects, and bam, really nerdy museum of some incredibly important items. Like the first battery. Ever. First camera. Ever. First pendulum to prove the earth spins. Ever. See a theme? The list could go on! The whole museum has great descriptions and text (in English too!) to guide you, but definitely under represents how important some of these things were. 

Having tickled both sides of the brain, it was time to head back to Montmarte. Having rekindled our desire for beer, we decided to swing by a brewery on our way home. Goute d’or brewery is Paris’ first craft brewery, which opened in…drumroll…2012. No wonder we can’t find beer here! Obviously wine is what is up, and we have no complaints about that, but it was nice to see a brewery doing well too. And everything that were making was delicious. So we bought twelve bottles after thoroughly sampling, and then lugged them back to our Airbnb. 

Then it was time for our final dinner there before we switched to a hotel in Saint Germain the next morning. It was a cold, windy, rainy evening, so we opted for something very near by that we knew wouldn’t disappoint: Oggi. The weather really kept people away, and we had the restaurant nearly to ourselves the whole evening. This led to great conversation with both waiters, finally letting us stretch our French in a slow and not intimidating way. A great meal ended with coffee and grappa. 

Content, we headed home and collapsed into bed, not wanting to think about packing and moving locations until tomorrow.