Hello Saint Germain! 

We spent the morning getting our luggage packed back up and cleaning our home away from home. Eventually we lugged ourselves and heavy bag to the metro, descending the 92 steps we knew so well to the platform. 

Once again we left bags at the front desk while waiting for our room, and set off to figure out our new neighborhood. We grabbed some quick sandwiches from the Boulanger across the street, and walked down to Luxembourg gardens. Did I mention it was grey and rainy? 

The gardens were still impressive, but we didn’t linger as long as we could have. An interesting exhibit was open due to the weekend, so we had the opportunity to see the greenhouses that keep the whole place running, and old varieties of orchids and fruits dating to the gardens creation over two hundred years ago. 

We wanted to do the catacombs tour next, but our arrival showed us how popular that was on a cold rainy Saturday, with a line wrapping around the block. Fortunately our walk there was nice, and we got to see the Paris observatory along the way. So rather than spend our time in Paris waiting in line, we headed to the Rodin. 

The museum was quite impressive, highlighting his ability to create similar works over and over to seek perfection, numerous models and studies accompanying his final pieces throughout. Seeing all of these along with well curated paintings to support the theme of each room was great, as was the sculpture garden outside. 

We went back to the hotel to check in and unpack so we could freshen up a bit. With that accomplished, we set back out for food, starving. Yet again we had skipped lunch in an effort to see more, a reoccurring, often subconsciously, theme of our Paris portion of the trip. 

The restaurant we had in mind wasn’t open yet, so we grabbed a small entree and two glasses of wine at a cafe around the corner. We slipped back to la reserve de Quasimodo, supposedly the site of the oldest wine cellar in Paris, and enjoyed a dinner in the enclosed terrace. Delicious smoked meats, and a huge bowl of French onion soup to warm up on a grey day. Oh and a great wine selection. 

Having bought several bottles post dinner, we headed home for some rest before another day of adventure.