Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! 

Something about Sunday makes it easier to sleep in. I can’t put my finger on it specifically, but there is probably some scientific reason. Needless to say, we got a late start. 

Eventually we headed back over to Montmarte. Our waiter at Oggi had told us about a car show there that morning that would have some quite old European models, so we decided to head back. 

Fortunately this also have us a great excuse to try out another recommended brunch spot, la bascule. And a solid recommendation it was. Poached eggs with salmon gravlox were incredibly delicious, along with yet more wonderful coffee and baguette. 

Finishing brunch, we walked around our old stomping grounds and started to panic. We couldn’t find the cars! After 20 minutes of wandering we decided to go say hi to our favorite waiter and get more coffee, and perhaps glean the location of said cars. The coffee was a success, but our fears were confirmed that the car show was an earlier morning event, supposedly ending right around the time we were having our coffee. 

Slightly bummed to have missed the one reason we came back to this side of town, we headed for the Seine, figuring we could at least make a long walk out of getting back. And surprise! Cars! We had misunderstood the location on the street, and were greeted by over a dozen old renaults, peugeouts and everything in between. They were gorgeous, and we were allowed to get right up to them. It was great seeing some different car history than what we would get at home. 

Our walk to the Seine took is down rue de martyrs, which was quite scenic. We also made it past the opera house, and of course I had to spend five minutes in the great Apple Store there. We continued down to the Tuileries and decided we had enough time to visit the decorative arts museum. 

And what a fun museum it was! We had seen so much painting and sculpture by this point, it was refreshing to see all the other objects that filled in the daily lives of the last 200 years. While confusing at first, the museum does a great job walking you through the developments and changes chronologically, ending in rooms of 50s and 60s furniture that I could barely stop drooling over. 

A quick walk brought us back to the hotel where we changed and got ready for our bike tour. A gift from friends at home, we booked the Sunday evening tour that included a boat cruise. 

Despite looking daunting, the streets were easy to ride around, and our guide took a very leisurely pace, stopping to give some very interesting history and trivia along the way. Eventually it started pouring, so we took cover and ate ice cream, fearing the rest of the ride would be miserable. Fortunately the rain cut back and we made it to the boat. Our guide had brought wine, so we used that to warm up while taking in the city of lights at night from our river vantage point. 

The whole experience had taken four hours, putting us back at the hotel very late, soaked and exhausted and cold. We begged a waiter at a place down the street known for pizza (and still being open at 11 on a Sunday night) to give us food. He obliged, we demolished, and then promptly wandered home to pass out.