An early rise at our hotel in Trinidad was comforted by teddy yet again showing his immense hospitality. Fresh breakfast had been fetched: delicious stuffed pastries with either salt fish or ham and cheese filling, along with deliciously spiced doubles and fresh orange juice. When asked what the “non local” option would have been, he replied “bacon and eggs”. We made the right choice. 

Carribean airlines requires you arrive two hours before your flight, compounded with a then delayed flight, made the 20 minute transit time between Trinidad and Tobago seem that much more comical, and frustrating. The uneventful flight had us back on tobago after so many years away, and we promptly picked up our rental cars. 

We’ve had friends who have lived in Hawaii and described the oddities of island isolation. But on tobago, even smaller and further isolated, it becomes even more apparent. In this case: gasoline. It was the weekend, and so the closest gas station was being refilled for the week, and can’t dispense gas while being filled. Another station hadnt received the truck yet, no gas there either. Considering there are only five gas stations, striking out at two started to be alarming. Fortunately the third visit was successful and we began our 40+ km trip the Charlottesville, having also stopped and picked up a few essential groceries. Half of which were matouk branded sauces and condiments. Delicious. 

The drive the rest of the gradually has fewer and fewer cars, but almost immediately makes up for it with incredibly narrow, twisting turning roads with sharp drops into either gutters for the immense rain run off that occurs, or just steep hillside straight to the water. We finally made it to our villa after almost an hour and a half of holding our breath in between oohs and aahs at the incredible scenery that punctuates the trip. 

We arrived and unpacked, got mildly acquainted with our home away from home for the week, while drooling over the incredible view offered from both floors. It didn’t take long for abby to request getting to the beach, so we packed up and headed into town to park and begin the short hike to Pirate Bay. 

The familiar single track road and 170 steps were easy to remember. How breathtaking the beach and jungle are is very hard to accurately remember, as is the incredible snorkeling a short swim out in the water. It was a brief evening swim and snorkel, leaving us wanting more. But we needed dinner, and it had been a morning full of travel. 

A quickly prepare rice and beans was still incredibly delicious, and was paired with the wonderful simple Carib beers, and later odd rum combinations with local brand mixers. A “late” game or continuo finished the evening around 9pm. Time for some shut eye so we can dive in and see even more tomorrow.