During the similar coffee, reading and breakfast routine of the morning, the day’s plans revolved around returning to englishmans bay. This picturesque beach is located a solid 45 minute drive away, so we decided to make a day of it and visit the neighboring town of Castara as well. 

The drive takes us along the much smaller, less travelled and aptly named north side road. The benefit of the isolation resulting in fantastic views as you twist around curvy corners and switchbacks, dotted with cattle and dogs, a soundtrack of bird calls and waves crashing the whole journey. 

Englishmans bay was empty when we arrived, and was just as gorgeous as had been remembered. We settled in to go for a swim and investigate the waters for coral and snorkel worthy swimming. As beautiful as the surrounding beach and bay was, the rough seas and steep drop made activities in the water a bit less enjoyable. A few attempts later we decided to pack up and love along to Castara, where we had read plenty of good snorkeling could be found. 

The authors of these comments weren’t wrong. Divided into a big beach and a small beach, we settled on the latter as it appeared to have smaller waves, a plus for casually swimming around looking at fish and coral. Almost immediately manta rays and sting rays were spotted, complimenting an already impressive array of corals and fish. During a longer swim further out, I was even able to see two sea turtles in the wild. Needless to say, we spent a majority of the day here. 

Swimming is hard work, and we were quite hungry, wanting food before beginning the nearly hour long drive back home. Unfortunately we had enjoyed snorkeling a bit too much, and were now in between lunch and dinner time, with most shops shuttered. Luckily one road side shop with two tables was able to accommodate us, providing wonderful fried fish and chicken, along with “chips” and wonderful pasta salad. Simple food done right is a mantra of this island, proven time and time again. 

After a lovely drive back, our evening was once again filled with laid back activities, and fortunately a more laid back DJ down below. A few drinks, books and games later, and we were ready for a solid nights sleep, and perhaps a lighter day on our now sore muscles.