We headed for speyside and our boat your a bit early so we could both try and track down sunscreen, as well as see a bit of the blue waters inn. Situated in its own bay, it’s a very well maintained small local hotel with great views, not a bad place to wait for the boat. 

The glass bottom boat is a fun novelty by itself, but we signed up to do a tour of birds and wildlife on the nearby little tobago. A small island off the coast of around 500 acres, it has been a dedicated bird sanctuary for nearly 100 years. 

Our guide, Zolani, was quite funny on top of being extremely knowledgeable. Previous guided experiences had seemed a bit light on substance and touristy, so we were quite happy with how well Z knew his stuff. He pointed out numerous birds, and had Abby eat some termites to confirm they have a carrot like taste. Most impressive was his locating of a trap door spiders nest, invisible when closed. 
A brief stop on the way back to shore had us snorkeling with more fish, a few varieties different than what we had seen on our side of the island. Abby and Rachel finally got to see their first sea turtle as well! A short ride had us back on the shore; time for lunch. We had originally wanted to go to Gemma’s, a semi touristy restaurant built into a tree, but a large delegation from parliament was in speyside for some sort of function, and had decided to have their lunch there instead. Not wanting to compete with busloads of government officials, we went back to birdwatchers. 

A couple grocery errands to make sure we had supplies to finish out our stay, and we were headed back to the villa. We took a short walk down the road to flagstaff hill, a small park with a great view of all of man o war bay. We took a million sunset photos before heading back to our usual evening. Drinks, books, continuo. Rinse. Repeat.