The last full day in tobago. So naturally it’s time to go back to Pirate Bay. We start the day off early and arrive to a completely deserted beach. Either the earlier arrival or the recent heavy rain led to the fish being incredibly active. 

Hours went by looking at dozens of fish all over. Stingrays and turtles were once again spotted, along with schools of tuna and barracuda. All the while perfect sunny skies and an empty beach. Could not have asked for a better send off. 

For lunch we finally made it to the suck hole, the rebranded beach bar that was getting rave reviews everywhere we looked. A single chef in the kitchen meant food was slow to arrive, but it was absolutely worth it. Beers were plentiful during the two hour wait, and then platters of amazing chicken, fish and shrimp showed up accompanied by oodles of delicious sides. 

Bellies full, we couldn’t quite pry ourselves away from the beach and ocean. We hired a boat to take us to lovers beach, a 100 feet of secluded beach surrounded by high rock walls. Incredibly shallow waters make the ride difficult, but guarantee easy viewing of fish. 

Unexpectedly there were signs of several turtle nests having been laid and hatched as well. Abby found several eggs in the ocean, which we pieced together must have been washed away during the highest tide of the season. Being the incredible animal lover she is, she collected all the washed away eggs and buried them. Fingers crossed they make it! 

After two hours our boat came and got us again, and we began the trip back to the villa. Snacking through leftovers and emptying out the fridge, more reading, drinking and gaming went into the night, knowing we’d have to leave the next day.