Semi travel day. We have a noon flight from tobago back to Trinidad, so we have time to slowly pack up and enjoy the views of the villa one last morning. Then begin the somewhat stressful drive back to the other end of the island. 

Beautiful scenery weaves in and out of view as cars and traffic slowly increase as we get closer to the airport. I suddenly remember there is a big boat race that weekend, and the now dramatic increase of cars, to the point of traffic jam becomes clear. We still make it to the airport, and had discovered our flight was moved a bit later as well. 

Our flight was moved to put us on a larger 737 plane for the 23 mile flight. Actual air time was just shy of 15 minutes. So weird. 

Our arrival in Trinidad was uneventful, and we quickly found our taxi driver to get us to the hotel. We split from my parents and brother here, as they went to go stay at a local Airbnb while we opted for a more pampered (and more centrally located) hotel. 

After settling in and investigating the amenities, we decided to head out for a late lunch. Abby and Rachel both jumped when I reached the sushi place on my list of places. Trinidad, like many countries that aren’t the 24/7 consumption of the US, adheres to thebrestaurants closing between lunch and dinner, and we were caught in that gap. Fortunately sushi was still open. 

Our walk took us past a bunch of walled, but well maintained homes and some beautiful parks. We would later learn this area was home to many diplomatic houses and locations for ambassadors to stay. A huge park near the restaurant was home to several different groups playing football, and not the American kind. 

Sushi was delicious, and satiated for the moment we reversed our travel to get back to the hotel and have a calm evening. We had drinks on the top floor to watch sunset and the lights come on, and ended up having a late night pizza and bottle of wine to wrap things up. We replaced the usual reading activity with enjoying a local tv station that played nothing but local musicians and their accompanying music videos. It was great.