We woke up to rain. And with what limited tools we had, it seemed like it wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. So we slept in a bit. Eventually we roused ourselves to breakfast, which consisted of some great locally spiced potatoes, a salt fish stew of some sort and some great breads and fried salt fish balls. 

The rain finally let up not long after breakfast, and we began a long walk to check out some local sights. We began with the magnificent seven. A collection of houses that face the queens park, they were built just over a hundred years ago in an odd collection of Victorian styles influenced by the families ethnicity. Ranging from Queen Anne to Spanish moorish architecture, often with incongruent elements mixed in. Some of them were in impeccable shape, while others required tremendous work to return to their beauty. The worst of them was so far gone it had a huge temporary roof built over the whole property to allow restoration. 

We continued around the park checking out more sights and interesting buildings, including the center for performing arts. The far side of the park started become swelteringly hot, and we were having trouble finding the botanical gardens we were after, so we stopped for some water and guidance on directions. 

Refreshed and with a vague sense of direction, we figured out we were steps away from the garden when we decided to change directions and find water. Fortunately the gardens proved to be amazing, and well worth the trouble in locating. Tropical trees from around the world were just out in the open, no need for containing them in glass conservatories that would limit number and size, like at home. 

We were drenched in sweat when we got back to the hotel. The girls decided to try out the pool while I iced my recently injured back. Reading occurred all around before getting ready to set out for one last meal together on vacation. 

The sushi restaurant got to see us twice as a result of another unique notion: closing on Sunday’s. Almost all of Port of Spain was closed that day, which is why we had stuck to just enjoying a walk and seeing sights. This also resulted in few choices beyond crummy hotel restaurants for dinner options. So we went back to what we knew. 

We swapped stories from the trip and passed around phones to look at photos. Wine was poured and sushi consumed. A final walk through the walled neighborhood near the hotel had us go our separate ways for one final, brief, sleep. 

The next day required a very early 3:30am rise for a 4:30am airport arrival. A four hour flight followed by the very rude, literally, welcome back to the United States. A couple hours filled with IPAs and chips and burgers reminded us of a few things we liked, but mainly we were sad about all the things we had left. A three hour flight later, and we were back home. See you in five years, Tobago.