Ciao Milan!

After walking more than 13 miles the day before, we were a bit slow to stir Tuesday morning. Knowing you have to pack up and leave a place isn’t a strong motivator either.

We grabbed an awkward bite down the street at a bar that was clearly the go to for many locals, filled with fast paced orders and great people watching. Also great espresso.

After packing up our things, we lugged ourselves and bags back over to Milano Centrale to get our train to Venice. We arrived way too early (30 minutes…) and so grabbed some snacks and shopped around until our Frecciarossa showed up. A quick boarding process later, and we were smoothly rolling at nearly 200mph towards our next stop.

The arrival into Venice was packed, as our train arrived at 2pm, right in the middle of peak tourist time. We bought our tickets for the ferry, and waited, and waited, for one with enough room to take us down the grand canal to our stop. A short walk, and we found our great apartment.

At 500 years old, it is on the newer side of buildings in Venice. Recently renovated and well appointed, it will be a great home base for our 48 hours here. We drop off our things, freshen up, and head out to explore.

With no aim or purpose, we wander around, discovering dead ends or looping back on ourselves countless times. It’s hard to not stop and take a photo at every corner of this iconic city. After quite a tour of the south eastern quadrant, we loop back to our place for a brief rest before grabbing dinner.

All the destination dining recommended by various people and hosts was further than we wanted to walk, so we decided to walk towards campo santo stefano and pick a place that met our fancy. This involves turning down places that are over eager for our business, or have menus that obviously cater to tourists, or listening to how much Italian is being spoken amongst patrons. Very scientific.

Another good meal, and some good people watching on the square, in the books, we wander back home. Along the way we poke our head into a local wine shop, and grab a large bottle of house wine. A simple, fresh dry white wine, we sip it while planning out the next day. With our agenda set, we head to bed.