Ciao Venice!

A long day of travel started with lugging our bags to a nearby water bus stop, where we caught a boat back to the train station. Early morning showed a more authentic side of Venice, including the dispute when a man tried to bring a chainsaw onto the bus.

Our first train took us from Venice to Florence and was uneventful, as was expected for the wonder that is high speed rail. We transferred to a local train in Florence and slowly lumbered along to Siena, admiring the landscape which became ever more scenic.

Once in Siena, we had a 2km walk to the car rental location, price to pay for renting in a smaller town. After navigating the twisting and steep streets, and descending a set of steps reminiscent of home, we arrived at the rental location. Only to find it closed for the afternoon sabato. So we waited the required hour and then got on our way.

Abby was once again a champ at driving in another country, at home with a manual transmission. We zipped along te Tuscany country side, winding towards our destination. A beautiful farmhouse hundreds of years old, set on a hilltop with views in every direction.

We checked in and and freshened up before circling back to the ever growing group. Family and old friends along with plenty of new ones slowly grew in size as we caught up over wide varieties of subjects. Apéritif followed by a dinner and wine led to flowing conversation until late into the night. Not bad Tuscany.