The big day is finally here, landscape and weather both providing a perfect surrounding for such a great celebration.

Delicious coffee and a wonderful assortments of breakfast foods start the day off, followed by a relaxed pace for the rest of the day. Ryan and Ben went for a walk into San Quirico along back roads and paths to help kill time.

The 2 mile walk, each way, was scenic every step of the way. A brief stop in town to hydrate with both water and beer, and then an equally beautiful walk home.

Showers and prep work soon followed, balancing providing genuine assistance versus being in the way and causing undue stress. With no major issues, the ceremony began promptly at 3. Jay did a wonderful job announcing, and friends and family gave great readings and support. Decorations had been provided by the farm, and were a gorgeous blend of cut flowers and foraged greenery from the grounds.

An aperitif followed out of the sun, loosening up the crowd and providing another instance to mingle. Abby did a great job wrangling photos during all of this, and the food and drink were just as great as every other meal at Il Rigo has been.

We proceeded through a fantastic evening of eating and drinking, some fantastic toasts interspersed throughout. We transitioned back to the courtyard as the music picked up, eventually leading to the necessary dance party. We eventually slipped back into more conversation, a wonderful evening centered around the great location and great people Jon and Leslie have brought together.