Another multi stage travel day. We get up at 7 in the morning to begin our drive back to Siena. After an hours beautiful, but groggy, drive, and a very tricky alley parking job, we grab our train to Florence. An hour long ride that goes a few minutes late has us rushing to our platform worried about missing a train, only to find we have plenty of time and the train hasn’t come yet. Europe.

Our high speed train has us passing by the winery we visited near Il Rigo a mere 36 minutes later, and two hours more has us through Naples and approaching Salerno. We walk a few blocks to the ferry terminal, and buy tickets for the soon to depart ferry to Amalfi.

We have a stunning 30 minute ride, ending in the gorgeous town of Amalfi, another movie set it’s hard to believe is real. We grab a quick bite of lunch while we wait for the Airbnb to free up, and to figure out our best way up what is a steep we climb than even our Pittsburgh-steps minded selves had imagined.

We settled on a bus and caught one after a brief wait and research about the correct one. A terrifying ride up narrow streets, passing cyclists, pedestrians, cars and houses all with no more than a few inches wiggle room. We didn’t think we’d ever go somewhere with crazier switchbacks and drops than Tobago, but here we are.

We meet our host at the bus stop and he helps get us checked in. Afterwards we go for a calibration walk and to buy a few items to prepare for the next day. A thorough walk through Amalfi has us righted, and we return our groceries to our apartment.

We head to Atrani for dinner, to a restaurant recommended by our house. Empty when we arrive, we panic that they are closed or a tourist trap that everyone is warned to avoid. After our first delicious course more people arrive and slowly fill in, and we settle in for a long evening of chatting, drinking and eating.

We make the slow climb back home and immediately head to bed, knowing a long day on a boat awaits us tomorrow.