Jon and Leslie were kind enough to invite us to join them for the day on a private boat. We certainly weren’t going to pass up such a great opportunity!

We got up early to explore the possibility of getting to Positano early, but that ferry wasn’t yet running this early in the summer. So after arriving closer to 10, we promptly hopped on ‘our’ boat. With room for 6-8, it easily fit our 4 along with the provided skipper.

Almost immediately we went at full speed towards Capri, and island off the coast of the peninsula Amalfi and the like are situated on. We made brief stops at the white grotto and the emerald grotto before clearing the open water to the island.

We slowly circled in a clockwise direction, having various sights pointed out, all the while admiring the staggering coastline. At the far western edge of the island, where the huge private yachts of the very wealthy are docked, we made for a small beach and hopped off the boat to swim briefly.

Back on the boat, we continued our circling of the island, noting other famous sights along the way. We eventually took a lunch break back on the western side of the island. We got to choose our fish from a platter of that days catches. Cooked in the chefs preferred method of capers and olives, and served with potatoes, some of the best fish all of us had eaten.

We returned the boat (via another boat shuttle, no less) and decided to head back to the peninsula to find a spot to relax and swim for a bit before ending our day. We found a nice spot with calm water and a small pebble beach and got in, but not before breaking out cheese olives and wine for a brief snack as well.

After a leisurely afternoon, it was time to head back to Positano, parting ways with our boat and Jon and Leslie. We hopped our ferry back to Amalfi, where we grabbed a couple last items in town before completing the hole through Atrani and up to our apartment once again.