Last real vacation day!

The previous night we had come to the realization that we would have to head to Naples Tuesday evening instead of arranging incredibly late night travel to make our 6:20am departure.

Fortunately we were able to still make it to Pompeii, adjusting plans slightly to leave a bit earlier and bring all our luggage with us. An early morning, hour long bus ride along the winding Amalfi coast is a hell of a way to wake up. A short train ride later, and we made it to our destination.

While not quite opening time, we had still managed an early enough arrival that the ticket line was short, and once inside the massive crowds had not yet shown up. We started at the less popular eastern entrance, winding among the arena and old vineyards first.

It’s hard comprehending buildings nearly 2000 years old being this accessible and this well preserved. As we meandered among ruins, the impeccable frescoes and tile work still there, scattered amongst blocks and blocks of partial walls, was awe inspiring.

We ended up running into Ryan and Carrie and John and Allison mid way through the day, and then also Jon and Leslie as we prepared to leave. It was nice to see everyone amongst the ruins, and say one last farewell before packing up to head home.

We made it back to the train station and retrieved our luggage. Naples was a short 30 ride away, after which we caught a bus out to the airport. A boring walk through parking lots brought us to our boring hotel, an anticlimactic end to a great trip.

Yet again we ran into sabato difficulties with trying to get an early dinner, everyone closed except for super minuscule take away menus. We eventually found a place a short walk away, which turned into quite a chaotic, but delicious, dinner. It definitely signaled that we had finished our trip, and were becoming home sick for things we knew well.