Another fabulous trip based around a wedding! After a rather stressful half day of work for both of us, we caught the direct flight to Seattle, which thankfully proceeded uneventfully.

We took the Link to downtown and found our airbnb without issue in pioneer square. Hoping to reset our clocks a bit, we went out to grab a bite, settling on a great nearby place called damn the weather.

Eventually time caught up to us, and at bit past midnight home time we had to call it quits.

The same time shift saw us up early the next day, struggling to find many things that were open at 7am. We grabbed a great breakfast at biscuit bitch before proceeding on a walking tour of the waterfront and pike place market.

We continued our walk out to the flagship REI where we grabbed some hiking snacks and other fun things while taking in the massive store. After we went back to our place to allow Abby to get some work done and freshen up before lunch.

Our last trip to Seattle a friend took us to a great bar called Oddfellows, so we had to make our return. We had a delicious lunch and some drinks before exploring the Pike/Pine district some more.

Eventually we made it back downtown to finally meet up with Kate and take Tupelo for a walk. After we met up with family and friends for a small pizza gathering, swapping stories and breaking the ice before more wedding festivities to follow. Pushing a little later than the night before, we still wandered back exhausted from a great first day on vacation.