We decided to get up early and check off one of our Seattle desires: visiting discovery park.

We walked a couple blocks to our bus stop, grabbing some delicious pastries for breakfast and future snacks from Piroshki Piroshki. A half hour bus tide then had us near the park.

Slowly we wound our way through the wooded parts further inland, eventually arriving at great open fields with wonderful views of the sound. A great sand bluff overlooks the beach that we will eventually hike down to. Once on the beach we explore the various creatures and artifacts exposed by low tide before having a brief snack break.

More walking and hiking takes us to the lighthouse at the point before turning back inward towards our next destination, the Ballard locks. We had a great time watching a few boats go through the locks, marveling at how well some 100 year old piece of infrastructure still works. The original administration building is still there and open to look at the beautiful architectural details, which we of course did.

Another bus ride had us back in town, freshening up before heading to rehearsal and the associated dinner. The brief break in between let us go up to the top of Smith Tower, the first skyscraper in Seattle. The prohibition era bar and appropriate era drinks were a lot of fun, along with the exquisite views.

Dinner at black bottle was fun, delicious and generous. We had a great time gorging ourselves on both food and conversation before wrapping things up at the very fun black cat bar.