Mostly a travel day, but still fun all the same.

We had one last get together with Kate and Jon st s brunch in their building before hitting the road. It was great to catch up in a more casual setting, and wonderful to see them one last time before moving along our trip.

We shipped our wedding clothes home and caught the link out to the airport. Our flight out gave us a wonderful parting shot of the city, including seeing a blue angels flyover of downtown. On the way out, mount rainier decided to poke its head out as we headed a bit back east.

An hour later we were in Montana. We got our rental car and dropped stuff off at our one night hotel. Then we made a quick jaunt into Kalispell to have dinner before heading to bed. We stopped at a great spot called Hops and had a wonderful meal.

Bed called us early as we knew the next day was going to be a long one as well.