Our first day in glacier!

We got up early and hit the road. After an hour we entered into the park, the scenery quickly turning dramatic as the great mountains became visible.

A brief stop in Apgar allowed us to get our bearings, grab some essentials (including a bear spray rental!) before heading further into the park. Apgar is a quaint little village of buildings all sporting some heavy 60s stylings from the road trip vacation boom of that era.

Our next stop was lake McDonald lodge. One of the original lodges of the park, it was a lovely building sitting right on the lake. We checked out the surroundings before stretching our legs on our first hike. Fish lake had a strenuous up hill, but was only a few miles long, a perfect way to get warmed up for hikes to come. We also made a brief stop to do a loop through the cedars trail which contained dozens of trees near a thousand years old.

Once back to the car, the journey to rising sun started. This involved driving most of the length of the going-to-the-sun road that goes up and over the continental divide. Crowded with tourists, the road and sights were still breathtaking. Many photos and a descent later, we arrived at rising sun motor inn. Another group of buildings from the great automobile era, we had half of a duplex cabin to ourselves a couple hundred feet from St Mary lake.

We checked out the lake and got a lay of the land for our new home of a few days. Eventually we grabbed a later dinner from the restaurant there and retired for the night.