After our exhausting hike the previous day, we took things a bit slower on our second (and last) full day at rising sun.

Looking to be another hot day, we planned to visit the three nearby waterfalls on a shorter 6 mile beginning of the trail was a quick drive down the road, and took as along the lake shore for the first mile. After which we turned inland to view both baring falls and sun rift gorge. The latter is s stunningly deep and narrow gorge caused by a rather disproportionately small creek.

Another short hike along the lake brought us to St Mary Falls. A bridge crossed the falls and a couple dozen hikers were all raking breaks, rehydrating or watching a few brave individuals jumping into the very cold water from the steep creek sides.

We turned a bit more inland to reach the final falls, Virginia Falls. A hundred foot high water fall then turns into dozens of smaller cascades before reaching the lake below. We took a brief snack break here before retracing our steps to head back to rising sun.

To keep the day less strenuous, we spent the rest of the hot sunny day lake side. Abby fully embraced the cold water for a swim, I could only bring myself to go waste deep. Some beers and snacks were perfect company to some good books and amazing scenery.

We packed up our items to be ready to hit the road again tomorrow, and had our last meal st the rising sun motor inn.