Waking up a bit later the next day, we decided to head into Portland proper to find breakfast. We parked at the eastern promenade, walking back over munjoy hill to grab breakfast bagels from Forage Market.

Returning to the prom, we found a shaded park bench and enjoyed our breakfast with a view of the park and casco bay. Margaux was content to be out of the car, and we all enjoyed watching lots of other dogs.

We checked out an expansive community garden there, and then walked down to the water to give M her first salt water experience. After some splashing we walked along the shore, saw the narrow gauge train go by, and then made our way back to the car.

Setting off north, we planned to take the slower and more scenic route 1 closer to the coast. Stopping for anything of interest, we stumbled upon a great pedestrian suspension bridge. Next up was a tucked away mini lighthouse. And all along they way we would get glimpses of ocean and bays.

We grabbed a late seafood lunch in Rockland accompanied by views of sailboats from the park we enjoyed our takeout in. Filled up on lobster in both pie and mac n cheese form, we hit the road again for the final stretch to Acadia.

Our arrival was uneventful, but driving through central Bar Harbor made us thankful for having a house so close to town. Traffic was tight, parking non existent, and it was clear the middle part of the day on Labor Day weekend was going to be exceptionally busy.

To avoid crowds, we ordered take out pizza from a fun local shop that also doubles as a movie theater (outdoor movies now in covidy times…). Stories were swapped and we started talking about the upcoming week and the variety of activities to come. It was time to get to bed with thoughts of hikes and kayaking to come, and all the delicious food to fuel those adventures.