A later start following the lengthy Tuesday we all had, a short and easy hike started our day. We explored the site and ruins of the old Dorr estate, one of the prominent locals who helped create Acadia and Bar Harbor.

An easy hike to a beautiful secluded cove had us searching for more shells and watching for sea life. We turned inward and wandered around the forested remains of the house. Nothing more than a foundation and granite stairs left from what was once grandiose landscaping remained.

Abby and Rachel were curious in checking out the beehive trail I had done the day before. So we went there next and began our ascent. It was a much busier day, which allowed for frequent stops on the way up. Unfortunately the weather was pretty foggy again which limited the views from these stops.

The fog also obscured the sites once we made it to the top, but we still had a pleasant break. We took a longer way back down to take a peak at one of the rare alpine like lakes that aren’t down close to sea level.

After the three of us headed home to collect Margaux and the kayaks. A short drive had us at Bubble Pond, a smaller body of water next to eagle lake. The winds were even calmer, allowing us to slowly poke around the lake. Being so much smaller than Eagle Lake, we quickly crossed the whole thing before letting the window carry us back to the launch.

As the wind moved us, it slowly picked up and also brought heavy fog up and over the mountains behind us. Propelled only by the wind, we were chased in slow motion back to shore, an eerie but beautiful end to our kayaking.

Our trio dropped off the dog and equipment at home before planning dinner, which was to be fresh cooked seafood. We took a break from orchestrating dual families and went into town for a brief happy hour. We ended up at a great little spot called The Barnacle where we had a very private dining experience on the back porch that only seats 4, so it was just us.

Back home, we enjoyed mussels and delicious home made crab cakes. We reviewed more photos from the day and got excited about whale watching the next day.